Kids Furniture :

We have various types of kid’s furniture in our Company; we provide kids furniture for schools as well as for home use also.

We make these kids furniture’s design by keeping the kids comfort in our mind, So that kids would be happy to use our products.

Kids Benches :

kids benches manufacturer puneWe have various benches design specially made for kids. We are manufacturing the school benches for LKG TO SKG kids, 1st to 4th Standard Students & 5 to 10th Standard kids.

We are manufacturing the benches with enough space for legs & the Structure of the benches in very comfortable so that after hours & hours also kids would not become tired on the bench. We keep height & Width as per customer’s requirement & Also we manufacturer as standard design of the kids. He re also we make the benches qith finest metal pipes raw material which have high durability.

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Kids Study Table :

Kids Study Table manufacturer in puneWe manufacturer the kids study tables with various sizes & heights. The table will have the wooden or metal top used for it. And the other material would be metal pipes with red oxides & nicely painted.

The Structure of the kids table is made by our expert team so that all the aspects of the kids are kept in mind while designing the tables. So that the kids feel comfortable while using the kids study tables. We make this table in combination with Chairs with it.

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Hostel Kids Bed :

Hostel Kids Bed manufacturer in puneWe also manufacture the hostel beds for sleeping of the kids or Students. We supply these beds to all the hostels in Pune. We are the leading manufacturer & Supplier for hostel beds & Kids Furniture in Pune.

We make hostel beds with all sizes as per customer’s requirement. It would be useful from LKG Kids to all the age students or persons .

This Hostel beds have two beds one on one. The structure for Hostel Bed will not use large space so that we can keep this table at any location in your hostel or home. It also have the ladder attached to it so that the kids can easily climb at upper seat of the bed. We have used the material of Square tube (3x1) to manufacturer the kids hostel bed.

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Kids Study Table pune
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    /Kids Study Table manufacture in pune
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    Hostel Kids Bed manufacturer in pune
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    Hostel Kids Bed manufacturer pune
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    manufacture of Kids Study Table
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    manufacturer of kids study benches
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